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Soccer betting for US bettors

Like it or not and, admit it or not, soccer is the most popular sport on the planet and the amount of money that changes hands on soccer bets is by far larger than on any other sport. For savvy sports bettors – and that includes those based in the US – betting on soccer is pretty much a must these days. The money that floats about on soccer is just too sweet for sharps to miss out on. As a matter of fact, I talked to handicappers in Boston in 2000, who traveled to Europe for the European championships to handicap the games and to bet on them there.

How do you go about betting on soccer? Here’s a crash course on what you need to know before you get a single dime into the middle on any of the games offered by bookmakers anywhere.

Soccer betting is not so much about the spread, but rather about the 1X2 (Win Draw Win) setup. That means you need to pick a winner, basically wagering on one side of the game or on the X if you think the game will end in a draw (soccer games do end in draws much more often than any of the US sports, and a draw is actually an accepted end result in soccer: teams will only play on till a winner emerges under special circumstances).

By placing a simple Win Draw Win bet, you basically bet on one of the teams winning, the other team winning , or the two teams drawing. Unfortunately, this also means that out of 3 possible outcomes, you only cover one, while the bookie pockets the dough on any of the other two outcomes. That means you go up against the bookie on a 33.3%-66.6% match-up, not exactly the dream odds for a US bettor.

Anyway, here’s a quick guide on what you need to know in order to be able to pick the winner. First and utmost, you need to know the teams taking part in the match-up you’re looking to bet on. As an American, you’ll find that more difficult than most Europeans, but by paying attention to a few key factors, you’ll make your job a lot easier: the starting lineup is extremely important. You’ll be able to identify key players and danger sources for the opposing team. Those lost to injuries or suspensions will also impact the odds of course. The league position of the teams is key in determining their relative strength for a layman. The recent fixture list and the form exhibited by each team heading into the confrontation will clue you in on the momentary power-balance on the field.

Weather conditions. Teams adapt to various weather conditions differently. Some play better in wet weather while others get their otherwise flawless games messed up completely by rain. Rain generally tends to slow games down, so if you know a certain team is more comfortable with an up-tempo game and there’s rain predicted, you need to reconsider your handicapping.

Despite the adverse odds to which it treats players, the Win Draw Win system continues to be the most popular. The second most popular type of bet used in soccer wagers is the goals (over/under) one. The style of play of each team becomes very important in this betting market. Brazil have a team comprised of several high quality forwards, and even their defenders are fully capable of scoring goals. It is also a generally accepted fact that Brazil allow goals easier too, especially when they already have a sizeable lead. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that any game involving the Brazilian national squad will probably result in a high goal-total.

Because they tend to simply outclass most of their opponents, the difference in class between the two teams will also prompt a high total.

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Soccer betting – Asian handicaps, accumulators and parlays

Betting on soccer games may be an extremely strange bird for American bettors indeed. For one thing, the system most popular in pretty much every other part of the world – the 1x2 or win-draw-win market doesn’t make much sense for US bettors. In this betting market, players have three choices on every game they bet on: they can pick one team to win, the other team to win or they can bet on a draw. Because draws are relatively common in soccer and they’re actually accepted end-results for games with the exception of special circumstances, betting on a draw is not senseless at all. What is rather senseless though is the fact that out of the three possible outcomes for a game, two favor the house and only one favors the player: a truly ideal setup if you’re looking for EV-, but since it’s the EV+ you should be hunting for, the win-draw-win market falls well short of the mark.

Fortunately, in order to make soccer betting more accessible for people who actually keep an eye out for the odds they get, Asian Handicap bets have been introduced. Asian handicap bets eliminate the option to bet on the draw. Supposedly originating from Asia, this type of betting structure gives one of the teams a handicap as far as goals are concerned, so the favorite begins the game anything from a quarter to several goals down. The setup is reminiscent of the spread used in basketball and NFL betting and it does indeed work in a similar way. Their odds restored by the Asian Handicap, US bettors will find betting on soccer games much more interesting than through the win-draw-win system. The EV+ works the same way it does in US sports, and bankroll management works by the same basic principles too.

When looking to maximize his profits, a savvy bettor doesn’t bet more on individual games. Instead, he identifies several games on which the bookie gives him good odds and gets his money into the middle on several games at the same time. Parlay bets are designed to allow bettors to post money on several teams in an interlinked manner. The equivalent of the parlay bets in soccer betting are the accumulators. Despite the similarities (in order to make an accumulator, a player needs to wager on at least 4 matches, and he needs to win every single one of his bets in order to win the accumulator), accumulators are mostly considered exotic, fun bets by the European betting public, an opportunity to get some action going on a whole bunch of teams just to provide for more exciting viewing.

Some folks will of course bet on such accumulators with the goal of making a lot of money, but the odds are obviously stacked quite high against the bettor in these accumulators, so if you do make this sort of bet for a profit, the bookie is probably going to end up extremely pleased with your performance.

Even if you treat accumulators as fun bets, there are still a few pieces of advice you should heed: don’t add a team just to boost your already formidable return. Something that you would not bet on taken by itself, will not gain any value when added to an accumulator. On the contrary: it’ll add a weak link to your chain.

Stay clear of heavily backed favorites and don’t cave in to the temptation of adding your own club to the tally just to show love.

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Ways to Bet on Soccer

With the World Cup approaching, soccer fever is heating up. Soccer is the most commonly played sport in the entire world. While it enjoys a greater fan base overseas, soccer betting is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States along side USA online casinos. Betting on soccer is fairly easy, but there are a few concepts you must have a firm understanding of in order to be successful with your soccer wagers. 

Money Line Bets in Soccer

When wagering on a soccer match, many bettors make a money line bet. With the money line, the two teams are assigned odds to drive the betting. In most cases, one team is the favorite and the other is the underdog. For example, let’s say there is an international friendly between the United States and Brazil. The U.S. is the decided underdog, with odds at +300, while the mighty Brazil squad has odds of -200. In this scenario, a bet for Brazil would force you to risk 200 dollars to make 100. In contrast, 100 dollars on the US would yield 400 in total. Soccer differs from betting on baseball or football because the match can end in a draw. Odds are placed on the potential for a tie. In this case, the odds might be +200, because Brazil is expected to win. 

Betting the Over/Under in Soccer

A common type of bet on soccer is the over/under or totals. The total is simply the amount of goals that are expected to be scored. Odds makers work hard to find a number that will drive the action on both sides. Assigning a number with a half eliminates the chances for a push or no action outcome. Let’s say the over/under for the U.S. and Brazil match is set at 2.5 and you bet the under. In order for you to win, the teams cannot score more than two goals between them. A bet on the over would require at least four goals to be scored to see a return. 

Prop Bets in Soccer

The majority of sports books offer prop bets on soccer matches. Some types of bets include predicting the halftime score, the first team to score or the first player to score. The odds for these kinds of bets vary, but some could be very lucrative. The more information a bettor has at his or her disposal will greatly benefit the chance for success. Handicapping tools come handy online which play an important role just like how online casino reviews are for most successful gamblers. Factors like home and away records, suspensions and injuries can all be useful tools for bettors.

Guide to betting on Football

The growth of the internet has seen a rise in football betting that has made it the most popular sport for gamblers today. With world leagues being brought under the bookmakers` radar and new and more innovative markets opening all the time, there`s never been a better time to get involved but if you`re new to online betting, how do you begin?

The first thing to do is identify a bookmaker and the good news is that there are plenty to choose from. Most, if not all, will offer you an incentive of a free bet when you open an account and these can be very generous in some cases.

Having opened your account successfully, it`s time to place your first bet and the most popular wager involves speculating on a straight win, lose or draw in any given match. While this type of bet won`t offer the most exciting odds, it`s simple to follow and a good way of getting started.

From this point you can start expanding this bet by predicting two, three or more results and betting on doubles, triples and so on. This increases the odds and the excitement tremendously and it`s popular with new and experienced gamblers alike.

As with all forms of football betting, it`s useful to do some research before the match and you can find form guides on the internet and in most newspapers. Use your skill and judgement to predict what the result will be and place your bets accordingly.

Since the internet boom and the development of online gambling, a wide range of alternative markets has been introduced and you can now gamble on almost every aspect of a football match from the numbers of corners and throw ins to the numbers of red and yellow cards.

Speculating on the number of cards issued by the referee in a game is an interesting bet and with a little research, you can really turn it to your advantage. A passionate derby game could occasionally see a lack of discipline and this could result in a great number of bookings on the day.

However, any match between two sides can carry some ill-feeling for any number of reasons and once again, some research will really help. If a particular fixture has led to a large number of cards being issued in the past, the likelihood is that the trend will continue.

With bookmakers looking for new innovations you can even bet `in play` these days so you can place a stake once a game has kicked off. This form of betting really tests your skill and your ability to judge how a game is unfolding and how it will end up and all the usual forms of bet are available from the result, through to the next goal scorer and beyond.

While the internet has helped the growth in football betting, the rise in televised games has played its part at the same time and the bookmakers are quick to emphasise that a match is more enjoyable if you have a bet on it.

With so many games being played every week you can, with some research and by listening out for football tips, use your skill to make football betting an enjoyable and hopefully lucrative hobby.

Latest Football News

With the Premiership season about to get underway, attention is still firmly focused on the transfer market and speculation on any last minute deals before the first set of fixtures kicks off. Although the transfer window is open until the end of August, this is the time for some frantic activity with managers desperate to bring in quality signings for the beginning of their respective campaigns.

At White Hart Lane, Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has made no secret of his desire to land a new striker this summer as he attempts to turn his Spurs side into a top four team once again. So far, a host of targets including Mirko Vucinic and Miroslav Klose have passed Spurs by but could Redknapp finally succeed with a last ditch bid for talented Costa Rican Bryan Ruiz?

Ruiz has been prolific in Dutch football where he has been playing at FC Twente and he would have impressed Redknapp during last season`s Champions League campaign. It`s thought that the player would cost in the region of £13m and he could finally answer Tottenham`s goalscoring issues.

Meanwhile, across London, Chelsea are set to confirm the signing of talented Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku. The 18 year old Anderlecht star was also believed to be another target for Spurs but new Blues` manager Andre Villas-Boas moved quickly to secure the teenager`s signature. Lukaku is one of the most promising talents in world football and it will be fascinating to see how he fares at this level.

As for Chelsea, it`s widely rumoured that they will return to Tottenham with one final bid for Croatian Luka Modric and while Spurs Chairman Daniel Levy insists that the player is not for sale, maybe the next bid will be difficult to turn down.

Outside of London, all eyes are on Manchester City and their influential Argentine striker Carlos Tevez. With just days until the season gets underway, the player has returned to training despite insisting that he still wants to move away from the club. If he does go, City will find his goals hard to replace but having signed Tevez` compatriot Sergio Aguero, boss Roberto Mancini will be confident of mounting a real title challenge in 2011-12.

Elsewhere, Liverpool continue to invest heavily in their squad and although many fans would have thought that Kenny Dalglish`s spending would be over for the summer, the manager is reported to be chasing Newcastle`s Jose Enrique and Bolton`s Gary Cahill. If Liverpool want to tie those two deals up before the season gets underway, they will have to move quickly.

Could this also be the time that we see one of the Manchester clubs move for Inter Milan`s Wesley Sneijder? While the Dutchman`s Italian side have denied rumours that they would be selling their player, unconfirmed reports began to emerge that Sneijder himself believed that Inter were short of funds and would shortly sanction a transfer.

It had been strongly rumoured that Manchester United were leading the chase for Sneijder as a long term replacement for Paul Scholes but there is a strong suggestion that rivals City could step in and seal his signature.

So the transfer deals are far from over and there is plenty of live football streaming around in the coming weeks showcasing all the new arrivals.

Free Soccer Picks

Back in the days, when bettors had to phone their bookies or when heading down to the bookmaker’s was the only way one could place a bet, one couldn’t expect much in the way of actual handicapping help. Everyone relied on his/her own knowledge of the opponents and the game, and pretty much everyone was responsible for his/her own handicapping. Enter the internet and its virtually limitless ability to convey information in various forms. Bettors can nowadays shop around for free soccer picks before they commit their monies on the wagers. There is a huge variety of soccer websites out there that offer to help bettors with their soccer picks, and they do it in various ways.

There are sites out there featuring automated prediction tools. Basically, on such sites one should assume that there’s an exhaustive database which the automated tool resorts to when asked to predict the likely outcome of a game. If the site does indeed work off one such database, which was put together by expert handicappers, then the picks it spits out should be decent ones. There are however countless online operations out there only interested in driving traffic to their pages for one reason or for another. The real challenge for bettors is therefore separating legit operations from not legit. Still other soccer picks sites claim to use in-house handicappers that come up with the picks for them. While in some cases such sites do indeed make use of experts, there are not legit in this category too, who do not actually have a live person behind the picks they release. Still other sites simply make a wealth of information regarding the match-up available for the bettor, who can then proceed to draw his/her own conclusions.

Some sites offer some of their soccer picks for free, while others charge people for them. Are paid-for picks better than the free ones? It depends on where both kinds originate from, and no, what’s more expensive is not always better online. The bottom line regarding soccer picks: bettors should always aim to find a reliable source for such picks. Then they should at least attempt to decipher the system at work behind these picks. Once they do that, they’ll be able to re-create the system used by the entity that provided the picks, and create their own picks. At the end of the day, creating one’s own system that can be adapted to a bunch of various match-ups and situations is the best way to go about generating soccer picks.

Placing bets online instead of a live bookmaker also carries certain advantages. Players may receive bonuses and poker rake rebate-like loyalty deals that will offer them quite an edge over the long-run. Also, joining a sports betting or poker forum makes sense too. There’s nothing like tapping into the community vibe when it comes to making an important decision on a match-up. 

History of Football

The game of football that we know and love seems a million miles away from its humble origins. These days, football stadiums are packed to capacity with thousands of supporters and the game is a global phenomenon that brings in billions of pounds every year.

It is a little difficult to pin down exactly when the game of football began although FIFA suggest that the first type of organised games took place in China around 2 to 3 hundred BC. It is likely however that the concept of kicking a sphere as part of a game of some description has existed for many thousands of years.

A real growth in the sport can be identified during the early part of the 19th century and it`s been widely acknowledged that English Public Schools played a very significant part in this sudden rise. The only problem was, each of the schools played a slightly different version of the game and there were many different sets of rules in existence.

In 1848 therefore, the Cambridge Rules were drawn up at Cambridge University with the intention of drawing all the disparate schools and organisations together. This succeeded to some extent and the game of football continued to blossom.

The next major development took place in 1863 with the formation of the Football Association. By this time, the game had exploded beyond the schools and clubs such as Aston Villa and Notts County were being set up all over England.

The FA intended to bring all of these clubs together as an organised body with a regular league and a definitive set of rules. This was a huge success and many of the original member clubs are still in existence today.

Following on from the formation of the Football Association and the inception of the Football League Championship, the FA Cup arrived in the 1871/72 season. At the start, this most famous of competitions was a fairly quiet affair and the first ever FA Cup final was won by the Wanderers who beat the Royal Engineers by one goal to nil at Kennington Oval.

The real turning point for the FA Cup came with the move to Wembley Stadium in 1923 in a game that saw Bolton Wanderers take on West Ham United in the final. By now, the event was hugely popular and the game itself was attended by tens of thousands of spectators.

Football as a sport was a global phenomenon in the 1920`s and the first ever football world cup was to come along at the start of the next decade in 1930.

That first tournament in Uruguay was a very understated event compared to the huge nature of the world cup today. Many of the top countries, including England refused to take part and while the hosts Uruguay ran out as ultimate winners, the event didn`t really open up to the world until 1950.

These days the world cup is the ultimate goal for any footballer as the game continues to grow in popularity. From the early days, football is massive business and it`s impossible to see an end to its growth as home and away grounds across the globe are packed to the rafters with spectators who have grown up to love the beautiful game.

Soccer Betting – Wager Types

Soccer betting is one of the most popular sports wagering verts all over the world. The market is huge, the potential is great, and for those who know what they`re doing, the opportunity to make money is certainly there. What types of bets can and should you make if you decide to get some of your money into the middle on soccer? Here`s a brief rundown of the most popular soccer bet types.

The money line. Betting on the money line is one of the most straightforward ways to wager on a soccer game and it goes pretty much the same way money line betting does on NFL games, with the added perk of being able to bet on ties as well. When you bet on the money line, you`ll find the favorite presented with a + and the underdog with a -. Here`s a quick example: we have Real Zaragoza and Sevilla, with Zaragoza a -250 and Sevilla a +180. Odds are given for the draw as well: + 120. Here`s how the numbers translate: Zaragoza is the underdog, so those who wager on it will have to post $10 to win $25. Sevilla being the favorite, those who wager on Sevilla get $10 for every $18 they wager.

The odds on the draw aren`t exactly impressive either: those who wager on a tie will have to lay $12 to win $10.

The over/under is a familiar betting type as well. Those who bet on the over/under are essentially betting on how many goals both teams are able to score cumulatively. Here`s an example: team A is playing team B and the over/under is set for 2.5 goals. If you bet on the over, you basically bet on 3 or more goals scored. If you bet on the under, you bet on 1-2 goals. Winners in this case win according to the pre-specified odds.

Propositional bets are where things really get interesting. Prop bets include pretty much everything one can conjure up in regards to betting. You can bet on which player scores the first goal, what substitutions are made and when, which team takes the first corner-shot or free-kick: nothing`s off limits. As long as your bookmaker offers odds on it, you can wager on it.

Propositional bets are made even more interesting by live betting. Live betting is basically about allowing the bettor to place new wagers after the match has started. The odds change all the time of course, depending on what goes down on the field, so those who intend to take advantage of live betting have to be on top of their games indeed. Bookies may grow a tad sloppier too due to the fact that they have to churn out odds on the go, so for a sharp bettor, finding profitable edges may be easier.

A final word of advice: take your soccer betting online. Online, you can research games better and you can remain on top of the odds at all times. Online bookmakers may also give you juice-free wager offers which work like poker rake rebate deals. You can also shop around for odds to make sure you get the best possible deals at all times. 

Soccer Betting Basics

Betting on soccer can be a lucrative move for sports fans everywhere and that includes the US. Even though the game isn`t as overwhelmingly popular this side of the pond as it is pretty much everywhere else, money can be made on it, although one first needs to understand how soccer games work, and what wager types work best with them.

The 1x2 betting used by the Europeans is something one should steer clear of from the beginning. Don`t ask why, just make sure you never venture into 1x2 territory.

The money line is a much more reasonable way to bet on soccer, as it is on just about every other sport.

The money line is extremely simple to understand: the player basically wagers on which team will win. The odds are balanced through the tuning of the return on the player`s wager. In the case of soccer, the money line bet is a tad more complicated, because draws also come into the picture. While in US sports there`s seldom such a thing as a draw, in soccer, a large percentage of regular season games end in draws. A draw earns both teams points, and the game basically ends with neither of them having won or lost. Obviously, a win always carries bigger rewards for the winning team than a draw, but a draw is always preferred to a loss.

The best way to understand how the money line works in soccer betting is through an example. Let`s consider the following match-up: Arsenal play Blackburn and the money line is set to Arsenal: +235, Blackburn: - 200 and Draw: +100.

These seemingly senseless numbers give a rather complete and accurate description of the game, from the bookie`s as well as from the bettor`s perspective. What they tell the bettor is that Arsenal is the favorite, therefore, because it`s more likely to win, players will have to lay money on this team. In order to win $100, one needs to wager $235 (or, in order to win $10, one needs to lay $23.5). These adverse odds compensate for the fact that this team is more likely to win, thus balancing the match-up (making it a close to 50-50 affair).

The underdog is Blackburn. If someone places a wager on this team and the team pulls off an upset, he wins $200 for every $100 that he wagers. Obviously, from these numbers, it`s clear that the way to being successful in the long run is to bet the underdog. One needs to learn how to spot potent underdogs that are capable of pulling off an upset. Sometimes the bookmaker`s lines will also be influenced by the money that flows in on one or the other side of a match-up. In case one side is over-bet, the bookie will move his lines in an effort to compensate. This is when the hidden value surfaces in the equation and this is what experienced bettors always take advantage of.

If a bettors wagers on a draw, he will get $100 for every $100 he posts. In match-ups in which the two teams are close as far as value is concerned, betting the money-line doesn`t become more difficult, but because of the higher volatility, it will result in much jerkier variance, and therefore it will require a sturdier bankroll to pull off.
Another recommendation concerning money line wagering is that you should take your betting online. Online bookmakers offer poker rake rebate-like loyalty rewards, bonuses and various promotions which will reduce or completely do away with the juice. The importance of such apparently tiny but significant edges should never be underestimated. If you take full advantage of all these perks, you`ll be like a poker prop: you`ll play under much more advantageous conditions than your peers. 

Making Heads and Tails of Soccer Betting – Betting Types

Proposition bets in soccer are where the true diversity and where the unlimited possibilities reside. Soccer prop bets are quite a bit different from your regular money line and over/under bets. The great thing about these prop bets is that they can be about pretty much anything. Bettors can wager on some of the most out-of-this-world things, like which player gets the first yellow/red card, who commits the first foul, which team takes the first corner shot etc. The possibilities are quite endless and that makes things quite impossible to handicap for players. That’s the bad news about these proposition bets. The good news is, the bookie won’t be able to handicap these propositions as thoroughly as he handicaps his money lines and over/unders either. The influence of the money which comes in on these prop bets isn’t as great either, as obviously, there are much fewer people who take advantage of them than money line or over/under bettors. The bookie doesn’t have as much riding on these bets, which is yet another reason for a bit of sloppiness on his part.

Now then, even if you can never hope to handicap proposition bets properly, you have to at least have a basic understanding and knowledge of the two teams involved, lest you should commit money on an embarrassingly silly bet like picking a defender to score the first goal of a game.

Live proposition bets work quite similarly to regular live bets. There are countless online odds services out there which offer live odds on prop bets in addition to their regular odds. There, one can track the odds as the game progresses. Of course, if one bets on a player who has already scored a goal in a game, the odds will be altered quite a bit.

In the case of live prop bets, it is even more important that you know a thing or two about both teams involved, than with regular prop bets. These live prop bets are usually for more experienced bettors, as rookies can’t quite hope to get anywhere until they gather enough experience under their belts. Prop bets are extremely versatile and can therefore be quite frustrating for beginners, but they do tend to offer experienced bettors an advantage.

If you specialize in one type of prop bet, you will likely be forced to stick to one site, because soccer prop bets usually differ from one site to another. What that means is that you won’t really be able to go shopping around for odds.

You should also know however that there are no good and bad prop bets out there. They’re all the same as far as the odds and the payouts are concerned: those that look bad carry better payouts, those that look good, usually offer a smaller payout-edge.

The bottom line: soccer prop betting can be a wonderful way to spice up your betting a little, but these bets are not exactly mainstream workhorses and they shouldn’t be treated as such.
Whatever you do, you should always take your betting online. Online sportsbooks give you bonuses and loyalty deals which are a lot like rakeback in online poker. These perks can go a long way when it comes to drawing the line at the end of the month. If you’re a high-volume bettor, you may even get to take advantage of a poker prop deal-like setup, in which you’ll get fabulous rebates and other perks that will completely change the way you gamble online. 

Soccer Betting – How to be Successful at it

Soccer betting can be quite a bit different from betting on various US sports like football, basketball or hockey. In soccer, the number of goals scored in a game is quite a bit lower than in any of the above said sports. What that means is that soccer games offer the underdog a better opportunity to come out on top through sheer chance. That’s right: soccer games are more prone to be decided by luck than any of the US sports games. The soccer games where the inferior team is locked in defense all through the game only to strike out on a single counter attack and win the game on account of the lucky goal scored then, aren’t at all infrequent. In basketball, teams get plenty of opportunities to showcase their value, while in soccer, the mechanics of the game make that quite a bit more difficult. That means that underdogs should always be considered much more capable in soccer than in any of the other sports. We all know that in sports betting, money is made on the dogs. In the NFL, when a potent underdog plays at home against a streaking favorite, hidden value is often born on the side of the dog. In soccer, things tend to be more complicated, on account of the adjustments that the bookmaker makes. How exactly can one take advantage of underdogs in soccer betting then?

One starting point is to focus on a team with a high octane offense. These guys can get out and score in the blink of an eye, a quality which makes them the best candidates to pull off upsets. The problem is that not all underdogs are capable of stealing such games, and finding out which ones possess the x-factor is the bettor’s task and responsibility at the end of the day.

Prop bets are always something one should seriously consider when it comes to soccer betting, especially if they’re available in a live format too. The best example which illustrates how well these bets work is the next player to score proposition. In soccer, there are players on the field who are highly specialized in scoring. In fact, often nothing else is expected of these guys but to score. When one of these players scores a goal, chances are high that he will be the one to score his team’s next goal too. Many of these strikers become unstoppable under the right circumstances after having broken the ice.

In soccer, it’s generally a good idea to bet on streakers. Teams often go on winning streaks and when they do, it generally means that they have fallen into a rhythm which allows them to dispose of several of their opponents in a row.
Always go shopping for lines before you commit your money on a soccer game. Take advantage of the sign-up bonuses that pretty much all the online bookmakers give you and don’t forget the prop rakeback - like loyalty deals some of these sites offer either.

Soccer Betting Guide

The amount of money in soccer betting is simply bedazzling. Forget about NBA betting and even the NFL. When it comes to sheer volume, on a world-wide level, soccer is the true king. Wherever there’s money turned over is sports betting, there’s money to be made which is exactly what savvy soccer bettors do. The fact that one is on this side of the pond shouldn’t be too much of a hurdle to start betting on soccer. Before you decide to delve into the action though, here’s a brief list of pointers that will help you get started.

Like most US sports, soccer is streaky. Teams go on winning streaks when they exhibit an uptick in form, or they go on slumps when in bad shape. The bottom line is that you should pay keen attention to the current form of the team that you’re betting on (or against). Taking a look at the statistics of the last few games of both teams will tell quite a few stories in this respect. It will also allow you to separate freak occurrences from results that actually reflect the true value and form of the teams.
News about both teams is obviously compulsory reading as well. Injuries, suspensions and coaching problems as well as a plethora of other unforeseen events can and will turn the status quo completely upside-down. These factors are true game changers, so you want this part of your handicapping to be as up to date as possible.
Team motivation is linked to a bunch of factors, but usually the stakes of the game are what will make or break this factor. Take a team which needs a couple more points to qualify for whatever. That team is guaranteed to play harder than an utterly unmotivated opponent. Motivation alone can make an underdog rise above a favorite, so this aspect is nothing to neglect either.
What is valid for the team is of course also valid for each individual player. If someone has something to prove, he will go out of his way to make his presence felt on the pitch. Sometimes this applies to coaches too, whose jobs will often hinge on the outcome of one particular game. Such personal motivation levels should also be factored into the final equation.

Schedules are also important. While it’s necessary for a team to play quite often in order to attain and then maintain a good form, a too-busy schedule may also lead to fatigue (physical as well as mental) among the players. One should always check the last few games of both teams with an eye for potential schedule-born issues.
Checking the heads-up records is a no brainer really. It’s quite probably the most efficient handicapping tool for obvious reasons. When comparing the past heads-up results of two teams, don’t forget to factor in the possible changes that may have occurred in the two rosters since the last time the two teams met.
Home and away records should also be compared. Some teams do better at home than others, while some seem to excel under the additional pressure of an adverse environment.
Last but certainly not least: shop around for lines before you place your bet and make sure that the online bookmaker you use gives you a poker rakeback-like loyalty deal coupled with a good sign-up bonus. If you could get as much value out of these deals as poker props do, that would be even better. 

Various Soccer Betting Types

While soccer may not be among the most popular and widely bet-on sports in the US, savvy bettors will certainly not ignore it, given the huge market that it represents and the enormous amounts of money that change hands on soccer matches every day. What kind of options do bettors have in soccer though? Before one gets down to posting money on a game, he has to know exactly what options he has. Here’s a brief rundown of the various types of bets available on soccer matches.

The simplest way to bet on a soccer game is to wager on the match odds. There’s really not much to this type of bet. The bettor has to pick one of three possible outcomes: draw, home win or away win, and decide the amount of money he wants to wager on it. The deal with this setup is that out of the three possible outcomes, the house wins twice and the player only wins once…you do the math.

The over/under is another popular bet. This one is simple too. The bookie will set the line for the goal total a team is likely to score in a match. The player then bets on whether the actual total will fall over or under the bookie’s line.

The total goals bet is an over/under too, only in this instance, instead of betting on the total of one team, the bettor wagers on the number of goals scored in the game.

Betting on the exact score at the end of a match is an available option too. The potential return on these bets is simply outstanding, but the odds are rather adverse. One thing you have to know about these total goals bets is that only goals scored during regulation count towards them.

The halftime score is a similar bet, with the difference that bettors wager on the exact score at the halftime. Again, this is a bet featuring adverse odds and potentially phenomenal returns.

The first goal bet is basically a wager on who will score the first goal of the match. While this too may seem like a long-shot, for those who know the players, understand game mechanics and are expert handicappers, there may be quite a bit of value in it.

The win to nil bet is about picking the winner too, but there’s more to it: the losing team has to finish scoreless for the bet to be a winner.

The draw no bet is one that carries an additional insurance for the player: if he gets the winner right, he wins, if the match ends in a draw, he will get his money back. On such bets, the odds are obviously excellent, but the payouts – quite naturally – are not.

Asian handicap bets are also an option. There are several different options on Asian Handicap bets, which we will discuss in-depth in a future article.
Placing your soccer wagers online is always recommended: online bookies offer their players bonuses and loyalty deals which work a lot like online poker rakeback, or like poker prop deals. Poker prop pay is much more generous than a standard rake rebate deal.

Soccer betting tips - correct match analysis

Irrespective of whether you`re an experienced gambler or just new to the world of football betting, the one thing that everybody looks for is free betting tips. Supposedly fool proof systems are easy to pick up but how do you use comprehensive match analysis to help to turn the odds in your favour?

The good news is that since the birth of the internet the available statistics in any game have risen and you can now look at virtually every aspect of a match before making an informed decision as far as betting is concerned. Before this rise in online information, the best you could do would be to head to a library and find the results of corresponding fixtures from previous seasons but now there is so much more.

If you`re a regular follower of dedicated sports news channels then you`ll be aware that a whole host of statistics are provided both for teams and for individual players. You can find out how many times a side scores from a set piece and how many goals they score in the closing minutes of a match. Alternatively, for players you can see how many times they create scoring opportunities or how many times they get booked in a certain fixture.

In addition to these examples, the facts you can obtain today are virtually limitless but the key is what you do with them and how you apply them to some of your bets. A popular gamble these days involves the number of red and yellow cards in a game and these statistics will help you identify which fixtures attract more cards than others.

Alternatively, if a team has a propensity to score in the opening few minutes of a game then any of their strikers would be key candidates for the first goal scorer bet.

Many of the statistics are provided by an organisation called Opta and if you find them on the internet then you can get access to many of the facts free of charge. You could also consider following them on social media networks to get regular updates and snippets of information that can help you make a decision when it comes to placing a bet.

There are other options too and if you`re serious about your betting research then you should certainly study many of the national newspapers. Most of these will preview upcoming games and provide additional information and you should also be able to pick up tips and predictions from some of the leading pundits within the game.

The same principle can apply to TV sports channels who relay most of these statistics on a daily basis. These stations will dedicate a proportion of air time to football previews and this is a very easy way to pick up some free soccer tips.

Betting on soccer is fun but everyone wants to win and that`s why research and tips are so important. Placing a bet can also add to the excitement of a match so if you`re going to a game and staying at hotels near Wembley Stadium, make sure you look at all the analysis and statistics before staking your money.

Soccer Betting- Bankroll Management

In order for a betting undertaking to be successful and to result in profits, two basic criteria need to be satisfied: firstly, the bettor needs to be able to secure positive expected value on his wagers. This is easier said than done, but skilled bettors are quite capable of achieving this through handicapping, reverse handicapping and hunting for the hidden value. The second criteria is to manage one’s bankroll properly. Because the positive EV one is capable of securing through the above said means is quite minute, it takes time to show up in the actual results of the bettor. Meanwhile, the variance will have a devastating effect on every improperly managed bankroll.

When it comes to bankroll management, the advice available out there is diverse and often quite puzzling. The other day I read around and found something on one of the dime-a-dozen soccer article websites about how one should set him/herself a weekly/monthly target winnings-wise. The article recommended that when the set target was reached, the player should stop betting to avoid losing his/her bankroll. This thing doesn’t make any kind of sense on any level. If you’re winning, keep at it and ride the tide for as long as you can. Variance is a female dog and it will indeed be back to bite you in the rear quarters, but if you’re working with positive EV, you should definitely be making as many bets as possible. Of course, all this goes out the window if you’re working with negative EV, but I’m not discussing that possibility because I assume that if you’re not capable of securing EV+, you’re simply not playing. It doesn’t make any kind of sense to play with EV-, you may as well be giving away money.

Bankroll management isn’t about setting yourself limits on the number of bets you place, but rather about setting limits on the amount of money you wager on a single match-up. This is where most players get it wrong. They go on short winning streaks and they get greedy and post more money on individual games thinking that’s the best way to ride the streak. One should never – as a general rule – wager more on a single game than 2-3% of his overall bankroll. Sharps may go as high as 5% on games about which they feel strongly, but never more than that. This 2-3% ratio is best suited for weathering the winds of variance. Remember: successful soccer betting isn’t gambling. It’s a cold-blooded calculation backed by a solid mathematical model, which requires a certain kind of execution. If you’re gambling with your wagers, you’re not doing things right.

Now you may ask me how on earth you will be able to find EV+. After all, the bookie’s vig will pretty much defeat any kind of thusly directed move and in the case of Asian handicapping bets, one can’t even dream about such a thing. The answer goes a bit like this: steer clear of Asian handicapping and look for the hidden value. If the hidden value approach works in NFL betting, it will work in soccer betting too. Look for online bookies which offer their players sign-up bonuses and loyalty deals like the poker heaven rakeback. Some online bookies treat their players like prop sites treat poker props. These sites get poker props by giving them fabulous rake rebate percentages. 

Global advices for sport betting

Betting on sports is common throughout Europe and an everyday part of the
industry in Nevada. Whether you’re betting on your favorite team, trying to cover
the spread or learning the dynamics of the 1x2 ratio in soccer, sports betting is a
huge part of life in the gambling arena. 

If you’re planning a trip to Nevada or simply interested in learning some simple
rules when it comes to sports betting, its important to understand the game.
Simply placing a bet can confuse a large number of first time bettors. Sports books
have a lingo like the French have a word for everything. Not to mention, systems
sometimes vary and learning how to place bets to make money is an entirely other
process to comprehend. Rookies need to learn the odds and find out who sets the
line. If you don’t win a certain percentage of times, you won’t even break even.

First of all, remember to manage your money. This sounds obvious and it is most
certainly the most important and most overlooked aspect in sports betting. Do
not bet more than you can afford to lose. Stick to your bankroll—win or lose. After
you’ve got a set amount to bet with, shop for the best number. There are greater
numbers of discrepancy on various sports books. The NFL maintains an average
number but with everyday sports like college and NBA, there are different lines to
examine. These books often change their numbers according to the daily betting
patterns of their customers. It’s predicted that over 200 billion dollars
changes hands annually in the United States. Whether you’re playing high stakes in
Vegas or a current member of the Gaming Club online casino, there is an abundance
of money to be made in the world of gambling.

With sports betting, do not gamble under the influence. Alcohol clouds your
judgment and rash decisions are usually the result. After you’ve made a sober
decision to make an upcoming bet, do your homework. The best way to win money
in sports betting is to develop a niche and follow it closely. Unlike sports books
where they must keep track of every sport and every game, you can be the expert in
a particular field and beat the house. Learn the aspects that the sports books do not
have time to research. Study a small conference and follow it closely.

After you’ve developed a niche, check the odds. On occasions, sports books have
better odds on teasers and parlays than main events. If you’re at a level to bet large,
the odds translate into huge payouts. Most books have their odds listed in a simple
format for bettors to understand. Wrapping up, there is nothing better than picking
an underdog at home. Huge underdogs often find a way to cover the spread and
rarely give up with a home crowd. There are other factors involved when it comes
to beating the books like statistics, line moves, game analysis and team trends, but
stick with these tips and you’ll be off to a great start in the world of sports betting.

Soccer Betting Tips

I’ve read somewhere that in order to become a successful soccer bettor, one needs to define goals and then strive to achieve them. That struck me as being just a bit on the phony side. Why on earth would one need to create a premise for chasing losses? Isn’t that what sports bettors are supposed to steer clear of as much as possible? If suppose you exceed your “set goal” what do you do then? Stop while on a heater? I then realized what the author of the article really meant as I read on. In soccer betting, it is important to bring a game plan to the table, a plan which is aimed at bankroll management basically. Come to think of it, every successful soccer bettor’s “game plan” should consist of two distinct parts: one aimed at securing positive long-term expected value (by taking advantage of the hidden value in various match-ups, by wagering online with a bookie who offers a generous bonus and some extremely thin vig etc), and a part which concerns bankroll management.

As an avid online poker player and sports bettor, I can see a whole bunch of similarities between the two activities. Online poker players strive to secure value at the table by playing optimally, minimizing their losses and maximizing their winnings through poker strategy. They also hunt bonuses and rake rebate deals like the enet rakeback or the ipoker rakeback, but ask any successful online poker player, he’ll tell you that securing value at the table is not enough for overall success. Bankroll management is a necessary ingredient too. The same goes for soccer betting. Why do these two factors need to work hand in hand? The explanation is quite simple: on account of the bookie’s vig, most soccer wagers are negative EV propositions, yes, even the spread-based ones.

The 1x2 bets feature a high natural negative EV, so one should definitely stay away from those. Skilled handicappers are able to take advantage of various hidden edges though to secure a marginal EV+. The presence of EV+ is by no means a guarantee of large profits though. It just means that if he keeps at it long enough, the player is guaranteed to win a little bit, instead of losing. The key word here is “long enough” though. Short term variance can eat up a bankroll way before the EV+ gets the chance to work its magic, that’s why one needs to manage his roll properly. If you were ever wondering why pros tell you to only wager around 3-5% of your bankroll on any single match-up, well this is it. Wagering any more will put your roll at risk from the variance, which will kill it even if you manage to find value and to exploit it consistently. This is where discipline comes into the picture and this is exactly what so many square bettors get wrong: they get greedy, they start chasing losses and they bust their roll in spite of their handicapping skills.
The bottom line: stay away from 1x2 wagers, do your homework and find that hidden value and stick to proper bankroll management. You can’t get it wrong. 

Soccer Betting – Placing Wagers Online

Soccer or football as it’s known in Europe and pretty much the rest of the world too, is – like it or not – the most popular sport in the world. Billions watch soccer games all over the world, and the soccer betting market isn’t just the most popular betting market out there, it’s one of the richest too. Every bettor who’s serious about making money is into soccer betting, regardless of which side of the Atlantic he happens to reside.

Nowadays, getting odds and placing bets on various soccer games which take place half a world away is a cinch really. There are so many online bookmakers out there and the competition among them is so great that shopping around for odds makes more sense than ever. As a matter of fact, opening accounts with several bookies and comparing the odds/lines they offer is one of the most basic recommendations one can give anyone interested in wagering on soccer. Some bookies offer nice sign-up reward packages to their bettors, which provide some great extra value, biting straight into the vig.

How do you place a wager online? It’s quite simple really. First thing: you look for a bookie you trust, like and who offers you great odds. You then create an account, fill out the form about your details and make your deposit. Most bookmakers can be accessed through mobile platforms like iPhones and android devices too, so one isn’t even tied down to a personal computer when wagering online. While some mobile clients are still a tad rudimentary when compared to the full client offered to PC users, most of the bigger bookies have developed apps which offer the full range of features available in the main client.

Funding one’s online sports betting account is the first step. Bookies accept a wide range of deposit methods, in order to accommodate as wide a range of potential bettors as possible. Make sure that your chosen bookie does indeed support the method of your preference. Major credit cards are generally all accepted by bookies, as well online payment solutions like Neteller, PayPal and Skrill.

Once your account is funded, placing an actual bet is the next step. First, your selections are added to a virtual betting slip. Then, after you’ve made your selection(s), you proceed by confirming and by actually placing your bet. Checking your bets before making the wager is recommended and most online bookies do offer such an option for players.

The big question on most soccer bettors’ minds is: just how safe is it to place bets online? Respectable online bookmakers use encryption systems which are on par with the encryptions used by the banking industry for online transfers, so yes, as long as we’re talking about serious and trustworthy bookmakers, your online financial moves are absolutely safe and secure indeed.

Withdrawing money from an online bookmaker should be just as simple as making a deposit. Some online bookies may have additional security measures in place, so they may ask for the bettor’s ID or passport copy. offers the best rakeback deal available anywhere online. The rake rebate deal from RMB offer great return percentages as well as promotion compatibility.