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If you’d like to take your online betting experience further than small punts on your team winning their next match, the Sportbet01 Betting School is here to help. Online betting offers literally hundreds of ways to capitalise on your knowledge of your favourite sport and convert it into top payouts.
However, to take the step up from a casual punter to an educated sports betting enthusiast, you’ll need to come to grasps with the various betting options, strategies, and betting techniques that you’ll come across when you bet on sports events.
Armed with this knowledge you’ll not only enjoy your online betting more, but will also be in a better position to capitalise on some of the exciting betting opportunities offered by the European’s top sportsbooks.
Betting Basics
You’d love to get involved with sports betting, earn free bets and place money on your favourite sports, but aren’t sure where to start.
The Sportbet01 Betting School covers betting basics ranging from:
  • Choosing a sportbook
  • Opening an account
  • Placing your first bet
  • Odds explained
  • Cashing in your free bet offers

Choosing a Sportsbook
The explosion in popularity of online betting has seen a massive increase in the number of sportsbooks and betting exchanges available online. Choosing from these options can be a bewildering experience for novice punters unfamiliar with the gaming industry.
As a rule of thumb, punters should limit their sportsbook selection to bookmakers with an established brand identity and terrestrial presence. Several of the European’s biggest bookmakers have ventured into cyberspace over the past decade, and can be relied on to provide a premium, safe betting experience.
We list and review a selection of the European’s most reputable EU Bookmakers
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What To Look For
Once you’ve narrowed down your choice of sportsbooks, you still need to determine which sportsbook best suits your needs. Here are some of the things to look out for:
  • Free Bets: Look out for the best free bet offers. Matched deposit offers for new account holders range between £10 and £500.
  • Sports Focus: While most sportsbooks cover a broad range of sports, each has its own focus. Choosing a sportsbook that focuses on your favourite sport will give you access to a greater variety of betting markets.
  • Betting Specials: Free bet offers and money back specials should form an important part of a sound betting strategy – you’ll need to find a sportsbook that offers you additional ways to earn money and also to hedge your bets.
  • Odds: To maximise your revenue from sports betting you’ll need access to the highest odds on offer. Odds differ from sportsbook to sportsbook, and finding a sportsbook which consistently offers the highest odds will ensure you make the most from your bets.
  • Site Integration: Many online gamers participate in a range of risk-based entertainment activities. Finding a site that offers a number of gaming options is not uncommon, however, you should always look for sites which are fully integrated, allowing you to move your funds around your different gaming accounts

Multiple Accounts
It is, of course, difficult to know what sort of experience a sportsbook offers until you use it. While our sportsbook reviews can help you evaluate the merits of the different bookmakers, the proof lies in the pudding, and you’ll need to sample several sportsbooks to find the one that best suits your needs.
Fortunately, there is nothing to prevent you from opening multiple sportsbook accounts. Having a variety of accounts allows you to pick the best odds for any given sports event, and will also add to the payout you earn from free bets.

Opening a Sportsbook Account

Once you’ve read through our sportsbook reviews, and found a few bookmakers that you’d like to sample, you’ll want to open an account. This is a simple process, and you’ll need the following to process your account application as quickly as possible:
  • A valid email address
  • A credit card or PayPal account
Once you have these details at hand, use our sportsbook pages to click on the sportsbook of your choice. You will then find a registration tab located near the top of the sportsbook’s landing page, and you can click on this to open the registration form.
Registering a sportsbook account is fairly straightforward. You will be required to register your name, residential address, a phone number, a username and your date of birth. You will also be able to choose whether or not you would like to receive promotional material in future.
If you’ve decided to open an account at a sportsbook it is generally a good idea to allow them to contact you with promotional material. Sportsbook newsletters often feature information that will help you extract maximum benefit from the site, and will alert you to any betting specials and free bet offers you may otherwise miss out on.
Credit Cards
Some sportsbooks will require you to register a credit card immediately upon registration, while others only require you to register your card when making your first deposit. Immediate card registration is used for age verification, and speeds up the process of making your first deposit at a later stage.
Mastercard users should keep in mind that recent legislation passed in Europe has resulted in sportsbooks being unable to transfer money from sportsbook accounts into Mastercard accounts. While a Mastercard can be used to make a deposit, the use of a VISA card is preferable, as this facilitates easy withdrawals.
Several sportsbooks also allow users to deposit funds using debit cards and online money booking accounts. Maestro, Solo and Switch cards are accepted by a number of sportsbooks, while PayPal and MoneyBooker accounts can also be used to deposit and withdraw funds.
Registering a Username
Many sportsbooks will allow you to register yourself on the site under an alias. When registering your alias, keep in mind that some sportsbooks do not allow you to change this alias once it has been selected, and that this alias can be carried over to the casino and poker tables of users who make use of these facilities.

Placing Your 1st Bet

Once you have opened your account and registered a credit card you are free to place your first bet. The majority of sportsbooks will require you to make a deposit in order to claim a free bet offer, so the size of your initial deposit is crucial in determining the size of your free bet.
If a sportsbook is offering a £25 free bet, you will need to deposit at least £25 before placing your first bet. Some sportsbooks allow users to make several deposits to earn their free bets, which makes it advisable for you to read the fine-print before making your deposit.
Once you have made your first deposit you can place a bet. Most sportsbooks feature the most important sports events on their landing page, with links to a variety of sporting codes on a left-hand menu bar. Simply click on the sport or event that interests you.
Now that you have selected a sports event to bet on, you can choose which betting markets you would like place your money in. Depending on the event and sport there can be up to 20 different markets available at any given time, and you’ll need to pick the market that allows you to best apply your sports knowledge.
Make Your Selection
Once you have a list of markets and odds open in front of you, all you need to do is click on the odds that you’d like to invest in. This will open a betting window, and you can enter the amount you’d like to bet.
Many betting windows display the projected payout as soon as you place your bet. If you are satisfied with the odds, your selection and the projected payout, click on the confirmation button to place your bet. Many betting windows will also give you the opportunity to bet each way – ignore this option until you have read our guide to each way betting.
Once a bet has been placed it cannot be annulled and the stake refunded, so take time to make careful selections and ensure that you are betting the intended amount. Betting selections can be reviewed in the accounts section of your chosen sportsbook, and some sportsbooks also offer live betting slips that automatically trace your most recent betting activity.
Earning a Payout
Successful bets are paid out at the odds offered when the bet was placed. Payouts are not always immediate, and, depending on the sports event and the volume of betting, it can take several hours to register in your account. If you made use of a betting special, these payouts may take even longer to show on your account. Be patient during this time as it rarely takes more than 24 hours from the completion of the sport event for payouts to show in a user’s account.

Odds Explained

Betting on sports is all about odds. The term odds is used in sports betting to describe the payout punters can earn on a successful bet. Odds are often referred to as prices, in reference to the value of a bet on a particular selection.
Odds are offered in three different formats, with the majority of sportsbooks allowing users to select the odds format they prefer. The default odds format will often depend on the country in which the bet is being made.
The three odds formats are:
  • Fractional Odds: Fractional odds is the default odds format offered by bookmakers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. These odds are represented as a fraction, and indicate the net payout earned relative to the amount staked. If a bet wins the initial stake is returned with the payout.
For example:
A punter bets £10 on Kauto Star winning the Cheltenham Gold Cup at odds of 1/2. If Kauto Star wins the race, the bet will pay out: 1/2 x 10 = 5. The initial stake is then added to this figure for a total payout of £15.
  • Decimal Odds: Decimal odds are also known as Continental Odds or European Odds, and are popular in Europe, Canada and Australia. These odds reflect the payout on a successful bet in decimal form, and factor in the return of the stake.
For example:
A punter bets £10 on Rafael Nadal winning the French Open at odds of 2. If Nadal claims the title the punter will be paid out: 2 x 10 = 10. The £20 payout reflects the fact that the punter has only earned £10 from the bet, as the stake was included in the payout.
It is important to keep in mind the fact that the payout is factored into decimal odds, otherwise punters may choose decimal odds over fractional odds in the mistaken belief that this will generate a bigger payout.
  • Moneyline Odds: Moneyline odds are used primarily in the United States, but are offered by most online sportsbooks. These odds reflect the payout on a successful $100 bet, with the return of the stake not included in this figure.
When bets play better than even, the odds will be prefixed by a plus, for example, +100. Bets paying less than even are prefixed by a minus, for example, -100, and describes how much would have to be bet to earn a £100 payout.
An example:
A punter bets £10 on England defeating South Africa in a test match at odds of +300. If England wins, the bet will pay out 300 x 10/100 = 30. The stake will then be returned for a total payout of £40.
A sportsbook offers odds of -400 on Italy beating Ireland in a Six Nations match. This means that a punter would need to bet £400 to earn $100 from the bet.
A £40 bet at this price would therefore pay out £10. The stake would then be added to this payout for a total return of £50.

Sports Betting 101

Don’t know your Trifecta from your Trebles, or your Scorecast from your 3 Balls?
Sports Betting 101 is an introduction to the most popular betting options offered by UK sportsbooks, and guides you through the different bets and selection options you’ll find at your favourite sportsbook.
You’ll find information on:
  • Each Way Betting
  • Multiple Bets
  • Combination Betting
  • Live Betting
  • Novelty Betting
  • Odds comparisons
  • Bonuses and specials

Each Way Betting

Each way betting is available when punters make selections on events where there are more than 2 competitors. What these bets do is allow punters to earn a payout if their selection fails to win the event, but still manages to finish highly placed.
When a bet is placed online the betting skip will feature an Each Way betting box, usually marked E/W. Ticking this box will convert the bet into an Each Way bet by doubling the amount staked on the selection.

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How Each Way Bets Work
Every Each Way bet transforms a bet into two separate bets by doubling the original stake.
  • The first bet wagers half of the stake on the selection at the selected odds
  • The second bet wagers half of the stake at ¼ of the odds selected. This bet pays out if the selection wins or finishes placed in the event
For example:
A punter bets $5 on Everton winning the Premier League at odds of 12/1, and then checks the E/W box on the betting slip. This Each Way selection automatically places two separate $5 bets for a total stake of $10.
The original $5 is staked on Everton winning the league at 12/1 odds (bet #1). The other $5 is staked at odds of 3/1 (12/1 x ¼) on Everton finishing the Premiership placed (bet #2).
If Everton wins the Premier League both bets will pay out. Therefore the punter will earn 5 x 12 (bet #1) + 5 x 3 (bet #2) +10 (the total stake) for a total return of $85.
If Everton finishes the season in 3rd place, only the second bet will pay out. This means the punter will earn 5 x 3 (bet #2) + 5 (the winning stake) – 5 (the losing stake) for a total return of $15.
When to bet Each Way
  • As you can see from the example, Each Way betting is only worthwhile when the odds are high enough to generate an overall profit if the selection finishes placed.
  • For this reason Each Way betting is most popular in outright winner betting markets for major tournaments and handicap racing where odds are consistently high.
It is also worthwhile looking out for extra place specials when planning to place each way bets. Sportsbooks can offer additional place payouts on events ranging from tennis and golf tournaments through to high profile horse races.

Multiple Bets

Using multiple bets is an important part of any betting strategy, as it allows punters to potentially generate massive payoffs using low stakes. Also known as ‘laying a parlay’ or accumulator betting, multiple bets work by using a single stake to bet on a number of different sports events.
The punters stake is placed on the first event (in chronological order), and if this bet wins, the returns are then bet on the next event. This process is repeated each time the selection wins until a selection loses or each of the chosen selections has been successful.
If any selection in a multiple bet loses, both the stake and winnings are forfeited.
There are four different categories of multiple bets:
  • Double Bets: Bets on two selections. Both must win to generate a return
  • Treble Bets: Bets on three selections. All three must win to generate a return
  • Accumulator Bets: Bets on four or more selections, all of which must win to generate a return
Accumulator bets are sometimes described according to how many selections were made, for example, a fivefold is an accumulator bet on five selections, while a sevenfold is an accumulator bet on seven selections.
Using Multiple Bets
Multiple bets have the potential to generate some massive payouts, and are responsible for some of the biggest payouts in the history of sports betting in the United Kingdom, with stakes of as little as $1 generating payouts in excess of $500,000.
Punters often choose to place a selection of small-stakes multiple bets on the selections made for large accumulator bets. This practice is known as combination betting and increases the chances of generating a payout from accumulator betting.
Singles Bets
A single is a bet on an individual selection. A set sum of money is staked on the outcome of a specific sports event. If the bet is successful it is paid out according to the odds offered at the time of placing the bet.
A punter places a $5 bet on Manchester United winning the Premier League at odds of 3/1. If the bet is successful it will generate a total return of $20.

Combination Bets

Combination bets refer to a selection of multiple bets placed on a series of selections. Different multiple bets are combined to cover a number of contingencies, allowing punters to hedge their bets when placing accumulators. Combination bets can include the use of singles, doubles, trebles and accumulators.
Sportsbooks offer a selection of standard formats for combination bets which cover all the possible double, treble and accumulator combinations for a given set of selections. These are known as full cover bets and include:
  • Trixie: A combination bet placed on 3 different selections, featuring four separate bets: three doubles and a treble
  • Yankee: A combination bet on 4 different selections, featuring 11 separate bets: 6 doubles, four trebles and a fourfold accumulator
  • Super Yankee: A combination bet on 5 different selections, featuring 26 separate bets including: 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 fourfold accumulators and a fivefold accumulator
  • Heinz: A combination bet on 6 different selections, featuring 57 separate bets including: 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds and a sixfold accumulator
  • Super Heinz: A combination bet on 7 different selections, featuring 120 separate bets including: 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 fourfolds, 21 fivefolds, 7 sixfolds and sevenfold accumulator
  • Goliath: A combination bet on 8 different selections, featuring 247 separate bets including: 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, 56 fivefolds, 28 sixfolds, 8 sevenfolds and an eightfold accumulator
Full cover bets are also offered with singles, and include:
  • Patent: Equivalent to a Trixie with 3 singles.
  • Lucky 15: Equivalent to a Yankee with 4 singles.
  • Lucky 31: Equivalent to a Yankee with 5 singles.
  • Lucky 63: Equivalent to a Heinz with 6 singles.
While the combination of different bets in combination bets looks bewildering, these bets are very easy to place when using online sportsbooks. As additional selections are added to a betting slip, each of these combination betting options will become available. The minimum stake and maximum payout for each multiple bet is calculated automatically by the betting slip, and the progress of these bets are easy to track in online accounts.

Live Betting

Live betting or in-play betting is a popular alternative to traditional fixed odds betting. Live betting markets are offered while sports are being played and allow punters to read the flow of play before betting on the action.
Depending on the sport being played, the types of live betting markets on offer will differ. For example in some team sports betting markets are briefly re-opened at half time, allowing punters to bet on the outcome of the game based on what they have seen in the first half.
However, sports like football offer dynamic live betting markets, with punters able to place bets in real time. Markets include betting on which team will score the next goal, the game’s final score and additional handicap markets. Golf also offers in-play markets, with punters able to bet on the outright tournament winner at any time.
Where to bet and find Live Betting
Live betting is available from a wide selection of sportsbooks, however, sportsbooks will differ in terms of the variety of live betting opportunities offered. Having several betting accounts will help punters locate the best live betting opportunities during any particular sports event.
If you are thinking of placing a bet on an upcoming Golf Tournament but are unsure which bookmakers to head over and check out, then make sure you try out Betfair Sports for all of your Online betting needs.
More Specialist which include live betting :
Guide to Live Betting
Live betting is something of an art form, and punters will need to prepare themselves for making some quick decisions when placing money in these markets. A good knowledge of the sport being bet on is crucial to successful live betting, as is being able to predict how a situation will play out, which can pay out some good dividends.
Live betting can be particularly lucrative when punters place bets on long shots in sports events. The Euro2008 comeback by Turkey against the Czech Republic or the 2005 Champions League final comeback by Liverpool, are just two examples of games where live bets on these teams at half-time generated some massive returns.
It is also preferable to place a selection of smaller bets on a number of markets rather than to risk a single massive stake on one market. This is because even 1/1000 bets go on to lose despite leading a game or race at the halfway mark, and this can translate into big losses when the punter would have earned only modest returns.

Novelty Betting

Novelty betting is offered by a wide selection of sportsbooks in the United Kingdom. While the term ‘novelty’ may give the impression that these markets don’t offer serious betting opportunities, the opposite is true, and novelty bets have generated some of the biggest payouts in history.
Novelty betting markets cover a broad variety of topical subjects, and allow punters to place bets on the outcome of:
  • Television shows
  • Politics
  • Current events
  • Stock Markets
  • Competitions
  • Award Ceremonies
Novelty betting markets are particularly popular when placing multiple bets and accumulators, where bets on a selection of likely outcomes in current events can generate some impressive payouts.

Odds Comparison Tables

The use of Odds comparison tables is an invaluable tool for finding the best prices when placing bets. These tables are not offered by sportsbooks themselves, but are instead generated by sites like Gambling Guru, and give punters the opportunity to compare the prices being offered on an event by a selection of reputable bookmakers.
While it’s unlikely that bookmakers will diverge significantly in their pricing of an event, small differences in price can have a significant effect on the payouts generated by successful bets. To make use of an odds comparison table, simply find your selection on the table, and then compare the prices offered in the columns for the various bookmakers.
To make proper use of an odds comparison table you will need to open accounts at several sportsbooks. Apart from guaranteeing that you will be paid the best price on any given event, you’ll also be able to earn hundreds of pounds worth of free bets as you open additional accounts.

Bonuses and Betting Specials

The best sportsbooks offer bonuses and betting specials on sports events. While some sportsbooks put up specials and bonuses routinely, others tend to limit special offers to the biggest sports events when bookmakers compete to attract new users.
Betting specials and bonuses offered by sportsbooks include:
  • Money Back Specials: Money back specials are the most common betting special, and pay back losing bets in a market when specific conditions are met
  • Extra Place Specials: Extra place specials are offered on high-profile tournaments and horse races. These bets pay out place bets and each way bets on additional places, improving the odds of a bet returning a payout
  • Free Bets: Free bets are the least common bonus, and tend to be offered only for the most high-profile sports events. Some sportsbooks also award free matched bets to losing bets on selected events when specific conditions are met.

Graduate School
Once you’ve picked up the basics of sports betting you can move on to the more challenging aspects of sports betting, which the UK Betting School will help you find your way around:
  • Lay betting and betting exchanges
  • Spread betting
  • Horseracing Betting
  • Responsible gambling

Lay Betting and Betting Exchanges
Lay betting is used to describe bets on an event not happening. When applied to sportsbooks this means punters can bet against a team winning a tournament, or against a horse winning a race. In this context conventional betting on a selection is described as back betting.
Although the concept of lay betting might sound novel to many punters, all simple match bets are effectively lay bets, where the punter could be perceived as betting against a particular team winning the match.
Lay betting is not offered by all sportsbooks, and tends to be offered by betting exchanges like Betfair. Exchanges do not play the role of traditional bookmakers, setting odds while taking in and paying out bets. Instead, their function is to match lay bets against back bets.
A punter wishes to place a $30 lay bet against Louis Hamilton winning the Formula One driver’s Championship at odds of 3/1. This means the punter is betting on an outcome other than Hamilton winning the driver’s championship, and that his lay bet odds are effectively 1/3.
A betting exchange will allow the punter to deposit his $30 stake, and then attempt to match this to another bet where a punter is prepared to wager $10 on Hamilton winning the Formula One driver’s championship at odds of 3/1 for a potential profit of $30.
If Hamilton finishes second in the championship, and the lay bet wins, the back bet will be paid out to the lay bettor along with the $30 deposit for a total return of $40. If Hamilton wins the championship the back bet wins, and the back bettor is paid out the lay bettor’s $30 deposit along with his $10 stake for a total return of $40.
From this example one can see that lay betting is best used when odds on a selection are short, and is for this reason often used only on strong antepost favourites.
Why Participate in Lay Betting and Betting Exchanges?
Betting exchanges are popular because both because they allow punters to select their own odds and because the present an opportunity to bet against contestants in sports events. While extreme odds are unlikely to find a match, the prices that can be generated are often better than those offered by fix-odds sportsbooks.
Another advantage in using a betting exchange is that punters can participate in trading.
Spread Betting
Spread betting is a popular variation on regular fixed odds betting which allows punters to make money by betting on margins within specific sports events, irrespective of the outcome of the event.
The Single Index
The most popular spread betting format, and the easiest to use, is Single Index spread betting. This betting format is often applied to scoring in a sports event.
Johnny Wilkinson is quoted at scoring 12 points for England against Wales in a Single Index market. Punters can purchase a buy for this market at $5. What this means is that punters have effectively bet on every point Wilkinson scores over 12 points, and stand to incur a $5 loss for each point less than 12.
If Wilkinson scores 20 points against Wales, the punter will earn a payout of 20-12 x $5 for a profit of $40. However, if Wilkinson scores only 6 points, the punter will pay out 12-6 x $5 for a loss of $30.
This form of betting is also known as Over/Under betting or Bets on the Total. More advanced forms of spread betting are available from specialised spread betting companies, and require an in depth understanding of the markets being bet on, the sport involved and the process of spread betting. These are therefore not recommended for novice punters.
Horseracing Bets
Sportsbooks vary in the extent of their coverage of horseracing, however, the following horseracing betting markets are standard amongst bookmakers who cover the sport and offer punters access to betting pools:
  • Show Betting: Betting on a selection to finish in the top three of a race
  • Pick 3: Betting on the winners of three consecutive races
  • Pick 6: Betting on the winners of six consecutive races
  • Quinella: A bet on two horses finishing 1st and 2nd in any order
  • Perfecta/Exacta: A bet on two horses finishing 1st and 2nd in a specified order
  • Trifecta/Tricast: A bet on three horses finishing a race 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a specified order
  • Superfecta: A bet on four horses finishing a race 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in a specified order
  • Jackpot: A selection of six horses to win in six races, which pays out a substantial prize from a pool
  • Betting without the favourite: This bet disregards the finishing position of the favourite in a given race
  • Insurebet: Insurebets refund the stake on a selection for a winner that finishes a race second. Odds are slightly reduced in this market
  • Match Bet: Match betting matches two horses against one another in a particular race. Whichever horse achieves the better finish wins the bet
Form and Racecards
When betting on racing punters have the option to review race cards for the participating horses. These racecards provide crucial information on a horse’s recent form, rider, trainer and the weight it will carry in a race. Some sportsbooks offer the useful feature of allowing punters to make selections directly from the racecard.
While a racecard gives you the basics you need to make an informed selection for a race, the best bets are the result of more intensive research. Before making a selection it is useful to review a horse’s record over the distance being run, its past performances on the racetrack being used and its suitability for the ‘track’s ground conditions.
Placing Horseracing Bets
Antepost betting markets for the biggest thoroughbred and jumps races are open throughout the year. These markets offer high odds, but carry the risk of selections not running in the chosen event due to injuries and withdrawals.
Bets placed closer to the event minimise the chances that a selection will be withdrawn, and usually offer no-runner refunds when selections miss out on the race for any reason. The disadvantage of late betting is that odds are often lower by this time, with prices more accurately reflecting recent form.

Responsible Gaming

Betting on sports can be an exciting and rewarding hobby. However, as is the case with most pleasures in life, it is advisable to pursue this hobby in moderation, and to know your limits.
Here are some simple guidelines to follow when betting on sports:
Bet within your means
Before you start betting, take time to figure out how much you want to bet every month. If you keep a budget, include sports betting as a luxury or entertainment expense and decide in advance how much you are willing to spend.
Once you have set your limit, register with a sportsbook and set a daily and weekly deposit limit. Once this limit has been set it takes a week to change, which means you’ll never be able to deposit more than you originally intended.
Don’t chase your losses
If you’ve made a loss in a betting market, don’t spend the remainder of your balance in trying to win your losses back. The end result of this behaviour is usually greater losses and increased frustration.
Instead of immediately placing another bet, take time out, try to figure out where you went wrong, and reconsider your strategy. Given time you’ll feel more rational and composed, and will be more capable of making good, rational selections.
Hold on to your winnings
The only thing worse than chasing losses is squandering your winnings. Set a percentage to the profit that you win every time you place a winning bet, and withdraw this money from your betting account when your account shows a profit.
Having a large balance in your account can create a strong temptation to place bets at bigger stakes, particularly when you’re on a winning streak. If you think you’re in top form, place small stakes bets on accumulators and see how your luck holds up.
Stay in control
If you’re spending more money than you originally intended, it may be worthwhile taking time out to consider whether you are really in control. If gambling is causing unwelcome changes to your lifestyle, relationships or financial well being, chances are you need to take a break and reassess your priorities. All sportsbooks offer members the opportunity to exclude themselves from their accounts for set periods of time.
Useful Resources

Congratulations – armed with the right knowledge and a sensible approach, online sports betting can provide punters with a fun, affordable life-long hobby that also adds to the excitement of live sports events. For more information on the various aspects of sports betting select options from the menu bar on the left of this page.