Friday, October 26, 2012

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Live football betting tips

Of all the different types of sports betting available one of the most popular is undoubtedly football betting, which perhaps reflects the popularity of football in general. However, although liking and following the game is definitely the best advantage you could possibly have when attempting to bet successfully on it, having some information about game patterns can also help. These live football betting tips should provide some information about common patterns in matches which can assist.

Red card results

The point in a match when a player gets sent off frequently has a significant bearing on the eventual result. Should the team which is in front have a player sent off late in the game this could affect your bet; it may lead to them putting extra focus on defence, which more often than not leads to them successfully holding on to their advantage. On the other hand, should a player be sent off in the early stages of a game the chances of the other team scoring at least one goal dramatically increase because the extra man allows them to stretch the play – thus leading to exhaustion setting in amongst the side with ten men.

First half goalless

When it comes to over/under bets on football matches it makes sense to gamble on under for the first half and over on the second half, because the stats indicate that the majority of goal action in football matches takes place in the second half. However, this only makes sense in games where the two teams are fairly evenly matched.


Should the weaker team score first in a match, particularly when they are playing away from home and the goal is scored very early in the match, the stats indicate that the stronger side will at the very least equalise, and most likely go on to overturn the deficit and win. When it comes to live football betting this makes it highly advisable to look for a match where the underdog team has taken the lead in the early stages and then place a bet on the stronger home team to win – which happens approximately 80 percent of the time.