Thursday, January 15, 2015

10 winning betting tips you need to remember before you bet!

Sports betting have always been about winning. But winning every sports bet requires betting skills of professional bookies as they have mastered betting skills over the time. They know betting system inside and out because that’s what they have been doing in their entire life. They have achieved perfection in their betting tips. They know every X factors of sports which likely to help in the outcome of the game. They always bet on handicapped situations and not on the game which separates winners from losers. They have impeccable betting discipline and patience to stay focused on investing long term to win. They bet under their bankroll limits but above all they always have Plan B at their disposal to get out of any ugly situation.

However, it is not necessary to be a professional bookie in order to win sports bets. Anyone with right information, good knowledge of betting tips, betting picks, betting odds can beat any professional bookie at his own game. In order to do that you have to in grain these basic 10 betting tips to your betting system:

1. Start your betting in middle of tournament not before that until then study every aspect of tournament viz. teams and players.

2. Bet mostly on underdogs as the favorites are loved and adored by public and they are losers.

3. Never pay attention to exaggerated stuff like injuries and weather conditions as it has already been analyzed into factor like betting odds and stay focused on handicapped situation to bet.

4. Maintain a track of historical betting tips data if your betting adviser is not providing it to you and keep a record of betting tipsters who have high winning betting tips percentage and yield ratio. It will help to decide which ones are worth subscribing for you; and which ones are just money eater.

5. Go for comparison of best return on your bet from different bookmakers it will help on multiple bets and then analyze yourself as a tipster. 

6. Always bet when the odds are in your favor and not just for the heck of it.

7. In case of multiple bettings, bet only on the smallest combination of practical results. There are various theories about betting on multiple events. 4+ accumulators may give you big returns but in real sense they are also very difficult to attain.

8. Keep your mind cool and calm during bad betting situations and stay focused on long term winning bets as it's not about losing a battle it has always been about winning the war.

9. This is the last but the most important one is to keep learning from your mistakes and experiences and strive towards mastering the art of betting discipline and patience. Thus you may be a best bettor in yourself.

Always keep analyzing your experiences and knowledge while you are betting on games.