Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Asian Handicaps Explained

One doesn’t need to talk much in order to explain and define the importance of football. It has not been named the world’s most important unimportant subject without a reason. Hundreds of thousands, even hundreds of millions of people enjoy watching football. And sports betting, or betting on football to be more precise is, for many people, a way to earn some money whilst watching their favourite game, or at least a way to make football even more interesting. With that many games played literally every day and a vast array of possible games offered by bookmakers, the options are really countless.

What are Asian Handicap Bets?
Here, we’d like to present you the Asian Handicaps, a type of bets that are very popular amongst people who bet on association football, or soccer, as it is known in some parts of the world, such as South Africa. Betting online and playing casino games are huge in South Africa. There are many options just for South Africans Handicapping in sports betting in general is a way of giving the underdog an advantage that would make the likelihood of a win for the favourite less possible. The point is that in this bet it is assumed that the underdog starts the game with an advantage, even though every game, always starts with the result 0:0. The Asian Handicap was developed so that it gives both teams equal winning chances, or at least close chances and it also eliminates the draw as an option. There is more than one type of Asian Handicap.

0 Asian Handicap
The 0 Asian Handicap is a game where both teams have more or less equal chances. Thus, there’s no need to artificially boost the chances of one of the teams. So let’s say that West Ham are playing Liverpool at home and the assumption is that both teams have equal chances. So, you’ll see the odds as 9/10 for West Ham and 9/10 Liverpool, or maybe 17/20 or 19/20 depending on the bookie. If the game is a draw you get your stake back.

0.5 Asian Handicap
With the 0.5 Asian Handicap one of the teams gets an imagined advantage of half a goal. So if the game ends 0-0, the team with the supposed advantage of half a goal is considered to have won the game. If the other team scores, then they win the game. With this Handicap there could be no draw, so there’s no situation where you get your wager back. Either you win or you lose.

1 Asian Handicap
With the 1 Asian Handicap one of the teams starts with an imaginary advantage of one goal. So, if it remains 0-0, that team is the winner, whereas the other team has to score at least to games in order to win. If the team that has a disadvantage of one goal scores only one, then the game is a draw and you get your wager back.

1.5 Asian Handicap
The 1.5 Handicap is very similar to the 0.5, with the only difference being that here the team that starts with a -1.5 has to score at least two goals for a win. With these bet there are no draws either. This Handicap is usually applied when one of the teams is a more of a favourite and that it won’t be surprising for it to win with 2 or more goal difference.

Double Asian Handicap Bets
There are also Double Asian Handicap Bets. When one places a Double Asian Handicap the bet is divided in two equal parts. Let’s say that there’s a game between Newcastle and Manchester United and you get a quote Newcastle (+0.5, +1) vs Man United (- 0.5, -1). If you place your money on United, then half of your bet is placed on United -0.5 and the other on United -1. This bet can also be given as -0.75 and +0.75. So if United wins by two goals, you win the whole bet. If it wins by one goal, half of your stake is returned and the other half is considered to be a win. So instead of placing two separate bets, you cover both handicap scenarios with one bet. Similarly, there is a Double Handicap 0, - 0.5 and 0, +0.5 respectively, also known as -0.25 and +0.25. The principle is the same.

The odds that you get for Asian Handicap Bets may vary depending on the policy of the bookie and the match itself, but generally speaking you get better odds with Asian Handicap Bets compared to regular bets. Most bookmakers will usually give you a 90% to 100% turnout rate, which is quite high. So, the odds at a Handicap with even chances for both teams could be 9/10 or 19/10, in most cases. Clearly Asian Handicaps are a smart choice if you’re fond of betting. Alternatively you can try out casino games, either PC, or if you prefer it on the go, you can connect here for mobile options.