Monday, February 13, 2017

How to Use Free Bets Online

One of the great benefits of finding a new online bookmaker is getting access to free bets. With the online bookmaking industry being so competitive, most online bookmakers are resorting to lucrative free bet offers to get new customers to come aboard. The information you are about to read is designed to tell you a little about online betting with free bets from bookmakers and how it is done.

How You Earn Free Bets
From time to time, certain online bookmakers will offer existing customers a free bet on a specific event. Putting that aside, a large number of the best bookmaker free bets online being offered within the industry are associated with welcome offers. When you sign up for a new account, there will usually be one of two ways that you can secure a free bet.

Matching First Deposit – If the offer states you will receive free bet monies based on a certain matching percentage of your first deposit, you will be getting your free bet monies without having to take initial risk. Example: If the bookmaker is offering a matching bonus of 100% in free bets, up to a maximum of $100, you would want to deposit $100 to get the $100 in free bets.

First Real Cash Bet - In some cases, bookmakers want to make sure new customers have a vested interest before they receive any free bets. They achieve this by requiring the bettor to make a wager of a minimum amount in order to receive a certain percentage of that bet in free bets.

Those Peaky Terms and Conditions
Before you get too excited about online betting with free bets from bookmakers, you need to be aware that all bonus offers made by online bookmakers come with strings attached. They call these strings “Terms and Conditions.” Be sure to review all current news related to online gambling as the laws get changed rapidly.

Terms and conditions are the guidelines that determine how free bets are to be earned, used and what requirements must be met before the free bet monies and/or any associated winnings become eligible to be withdrawn.

Since we have already discussed how you would go about getting the best bookmaker free bets online, let’s talk about how free bets are to be used. First, you have to determine whether you can make multiple bets or are you restricted to a single wager for the entire amount? Once you know how you have to place your bets, you have to determine which wagering markets can be used and if there is an odds requirement. While most bookmakers will allow you to wager on most any sport, they typically want you to wager on something that carries odds of at least +150. You might also find out that a limit has been placed on how much you can win from a single wager. If you carefully place your bets based on the guidelines and come out a winner, you then have to focus on how you make those monies eligible to be withdrawn from your wagering account.

The first thing you are going to encounter is the wagering requirement. This is the number of times you have to wager your winnings from free bets in order to make the money your own. With most online bookmakers, the wagering requirement sits somewhere between 3x and 5x. There are promotions that go as low as 1x, so look for those whenever possible. Once the money is yours, you must abide by the website’s withdraw terms and conditions. At worst, you might be subjected to a pending period and required to offer proof of identification before your withdrawal is processed.